Mary Hawkins is a designer and animator who lives in New York City. She currently works at MTV on-air promos as a freelance animator and designer who works in AfterEffects. Her background is set design for theater and film.
mary hawkins    animator+designer

about me
2011 montage

real world: san diego
trl finale
giving challenge
miley cyrus NYE
the fantana search
15s rating spot
15s voting spot
umalume promo
run's house

2009 VMA promos
15s promo
30s promo
sweeps spot
laundry list: women
jayZ spot
twilight: new moon
MJ this is it 30s

rise of the geeks
tu voz, my venture

the al franken show
melanie sloan
the oy oy oy show
boring corrections

run's house, season six. mtv on-air promos.
director: jason roth.
animator + designer: mary hawkins.

a project created out of the print logo for the show. we got props from rev run for this one.

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